The Future of Aviation Security Begins in 2017!

Welcome to the second edition of the DeteCT report, which is packed with information and insights on aviation security worldwide.

With a new U.S. president and Congress, 2017 is shaping up to be an important year for aviation policy and regulations. We interviewed Dale Snape, aviation policy expert with Wexler Walker, to understand what a Trump administration will mean for aviation security.

As for better technology at airport checkpoints, in 2017, the wait is over.

In March, Analogic will launch its new ConneCT Checkpoint System at Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 in Amsterdam, and in May, we will showcase the system at the Dubai Airport Show. The ConneCT is a breakthrough in terms of improving passenger throughput and reducing costs. In this issue, we highlight a key feature of the ConneCT system: its ability to integrate with automated checkpoint lanes being deployed at U.S. airports.

Thanks for reading!

Judith Rossi, Senior Director, Global Marketing Communications, Analogic